About Company

ÖZMAKSAN manufacturing Pressure Vessels Since 1976 in TURKEY/ Gaziantep

The company has 14.000 m2 manufacturing plant and large product range of Pressure Vessels for industrial and Domestic usage areas; High Pressure Steam Boilers, Thermal Oil Boilers, Superheated Water Boilers, Steam Generators, Waste Heat Recovery Boilers, Waste Heat Recovery Equipments; Economizers, Acumulation Tanks, Seperators, Flash Steam Tanks, Superheated Water Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Fuel Storage Tanks, Steel Central Heating Boilers With Alternative Fuel Options

ÖZMAKSAN Industrial Boilers giving service for all industrial manufacturing areas, like; Textile, Petro chemistry, Pharmacy, , Wood, Furniture, Steel, Carpet, Packaging Industry, Chemistry, Industrial Laundries and in all manufacturing processing in establishments like; Yarn Processing, Yarn Dying, Weaving, Leather Processing, Asphalt Processing, Paper Processing, , Glass Processing.  Also Servicing For Disinfection And Food Drying Processes Like; Milk, Oil, Chocolate, Paste, Pasta and Etc…

ÖZMAKSAN Domestic Hot Water Boilers servicing heating for: All kind of public and private buildings; military buildings, hotels, malls which needs heating.

We are satisfying high pressure Steam and Heating needs in Every Plants.

ÖZMAKSAN exporting directly or indirectly to all neighbour countries and Middle East Countries, firstly and foremost: Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, Tunusia, Algeria, Morocco, Moldovia, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Northern Cyprus, Greece, Pakistan… etc

In Home market ÖZMAKSAN boilers are servicing for Southeastern and Eastern Anatolia and for hole Countries from Van to Edirne.

ÖZMAKSAN Pressure vessels technical drawings, design and strength calculations are done by senior mechanical engineers, according to World standards “EN NORMS”. All processes are controlling by qualified quality personels. Raw material acceptance, marking and following, cutting, bending, welding, mounting, isolation and painting processes are checking meticulously according to the standard requirements.

ÖZMAKSAN certified and authorized for Industrial and domestic natural gas pipeline construction and service by (EPDK) Energy Market Regulatory Authority. And servicing for fitting and mounting of industrial systems

Özmaksan hot water boilers are releasing with CE mark since 2007 after the tests in SZUTEST laboratory in Czech Republic.

All welders and Welding methods (wps-pqr) of ÖZMAKSAN are certificated by LOYD. In 2003 Quality Management System IS0 9001 starts to performing in the company with the certification of TUV SUD

High Pressure boilers' hydrostatic tests are performing under the control of Third Parties. The company performing all requirements to provide minimum fuel consumption, efficiency ratios are certificated by various third parties. Manufacturing appropriate to  TSE, AD2000, ASME and European Standards.

ÖZMAKSAN is manufacturing patented and eco-friendly boilers, biowaste fired boilers and Cogeneration systems with alternative fuel types to find new solutions of wasting energy sources. In this sense the company following modern technology requirements, developments, renewals with the R&D Project of the company which is about "Converting Biowastes to energy" subvented by TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council Of Turkey)

At the begining of the year ÖZMAKSAN enlarged the manufacturing area and machinery % 15 to provide increasing demands and still manufacturing for national and international leader establishments.