STEAMAx Boiler

Flame Fine Tube, Liquid Fuel and Gas fired, Scotch Type Designed boilers. Manufacturing till to 30t/h


STEAMAx Boiler

OSBK Type Steam Boilers

  • OSBK type boilers manufacturing accaording to international Scotch Type design
  • On each phase of manufaturing process; qualiy control applied in accordance with the related directive 2014/68/EU, EN 12953
  • High quality steel for body and  seamless special boiler tubes are used in manufacturing
  • The furnace is corrugated
  • Wide capacity range up to 30 ton/h steam
  • Wide design pressure range up to 20 Bar
  • Perfect saturated and quality steam provided with higher steam volume
  • Large water volume and optimum thermal balance causes long life usage
  • Perfect combustion with low NOX
  • Provide easy cleaning by very efective and durable front door design
  • Sight glass valve for flame control just on the explosion door  
  • Low specific load rate supplies long therm economical usage and low fuel consumption
  • Electrical consumption of burner is very low because of low counter pressure
  • Wide range of burner selection opportunities
  • The front door is coated with special refractory material durable up to 1300 C
  • Boiler body isolated by rock wool and covering with stainless steel or alüminyum sheets to minimize heat loss
  • Perfect smoke way design provides high efficiency in heat transfer, eco friendly boilers with low fuel consumption
  • Weight of the boiler increasing according to design pressure
  • Checking by radiographic scanning
  • Hydrostatic test is applying
  • Economizer and superheater are optional
  • If demanded ;Steam boiler can be served as package unit    

 Optional Equipments For Package Unite

  • Regulation and safety equipments (control collector, electronic level control device, limit pressure prosestad, safety prosestad, safety probes, spring loaded safety valves)
  • Pump group (pumps, strainers, non-return valves, checkvalves, valves)
  • Water level indicator,
  • Pressure indicator
  • Main Steam stop valve
  • Blow down valves
  • Air purge valves
  • Control panel
  • Burner ( liquid, gas or dual burner)